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We are pleased to present you with a short book “Your Heart Manual” representing up-to-date summary of over 500 research articles published in peer reviewed medical journals in past decade (most of them in past 2 years!), organized in 21 chapters focusing on the power life style modification and not just medications and procedures. Many recent discoveries contradict previously published recommendations (like that fat is bad for you!). Why? Medical studies are getting bigger (tens to hundreds of thousands of participants) and thus more likely to represent reality. What you will notice reading this book is that all it represents is just plain common sense!
The book contains just facts rather than representing an opinion of a self-proclaimed guru. Adopting healthy life style always includes three elements: be at peace (rather than aiming at being continuously happy, which is not possible!) be active (this includes sex!) and eating well. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia share the same roots and healthy life style can reduce risk of all of them. Yes, thanks to modern medicine we are living longer but this does not always translate into a quality life. Changing life style, regardless of your age or your health will result not only on longer but happier existence! It is of outmost importance to understand that chronic stress, depression, anger and other negative emotions can cancel benefits of diet and exercise. Becoming mindful, free from negative emotions is the first and most important (and challenging) part of the change! There is no 1-800 toll free number to call to order a magic pill, everything you really need is in your local grocery store and in your mind.
Enjoy the journey!

Wojciech Mazur, MD

Stephanie Ambach, Medical Student

Project sponsored by The Christ Hospital